ACHES Conference

ACHES 2012 at the University of Alberta

Photos from this year’s conference: ACHES 2012: Edmonton photo album

  • Conference Theme: “Right in Your Own Backyard”
  • January 11-15, 2012
  • Hosted by the University of Alberta Human Ecology Students Association (HESA)
  • Invitation letter & information: ACHES Invitation 2011-2012
  • Cost: $295 per student (accommodations, food, activities, etc. all included!) plus transportation
  • SHEA sponsorships were provided to 6 students this year

More information about ACHES:

Brescia students who have attended ACHES in the past created slideshows to share with other students:
ACHES slideshow 2010-2011 – Winnipeg
ACHES slideshow 2009-2010 – Moncton
Brescia students planned & hosted the conference in 2009:
ACHES 2009 Brochure for Delegates
ACHES Info Flyer Brescia 2009
ACHES Constitution Revised 2009
Brescia ACHES Committee 2009
As always, contact for more information!